Cystereo, equipped with a savvy R&D team of experienced engineers and taste makers, is driven by innovation to build up its identity ahead of the times, riding above the tides of audio industry to bring you to a lossless and immersive world of music. Cysteoreo tries relentlessly to be a brand knowing music the most.

To present the beauty of diverse music genres, we create audio products with the core values of “true” and “free” in delivering either music or its spirit – no matter you are alone or walk in a crowd, you can get in touch with the world and back to yourself in every bounce of the bassline with Cystereo.

What We Do

Our mission is to redefine “true” and “free”, mirror the possibilities of music towards the future, and encourage people play out their infinite. We specialize in manufacturing TWS earbuds, headphones, sound bar, and portable speaker. We are here to offer premium audio products so that people can enjoy immersive music. 


Cystereo is led by Cystereo Techonology Co., Limited, which is a group of tech-savvy talents with an appreciation for premium details and utility of great products. 

Received continuous positive feedback from customers worldwide, Cystereo has been growing exceedingly fast and already ranked top on Amazon since our inception into the global market in 2017.

Brand Identity

Cystereo is developing products that represents beyond better sound. Inside Cystereo, we respect and embrace differences with multi cultures and mind clash, we welcome changes and share new ideas.

With the concept of “Amplify your inner sounds” in mind, we get our customers stayed tuned with not only music but also themselves, to get back to their channels no matter being alone or crowded, so as to voice themselves out.

We create emotional connection through innovation and inclusive culture. Cystereo values innovation, inclusiveness and connection with sending our cares and benefits of our tech reaching to every corner of the world.

To create a space for people that not only they can be listened to, we hope that their souls can be felt. Cystereo breaks the walls of different ages, genders, races, religions and backgrounds, we encourage people to be brave and find their passion and youth.

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Our Vision

The vision of Cystereo is to be the audio brand getting people closer – towards the future and innovate more than audio products for youth, for joy, and for sharing.

we set our sight on the versatile music industry and upgrade ourselves day and night. We, as a team to provide you premium listening experience through music sharing, never stop working on creating you an immersive world of music. That’s why Cystereo here, be with you.

We believe that the power of music can bring people together and make difference to the world. It can change a lot in the way we perceive a favorite song, a moment, or even what we did not expect before. Live with our audio products and Live in your ears.

To do so, we never stop pushing the boundaries of possibilities instead of standing still. We bring our ideas to life and turn them into revolutionary products for more people.