Nowadays wherever you look you will find someone going around with earbuds in their ears listening to something. Whether it is music, a podcast, or simply talking to someone over the phone, earbuds have become quite common. Being able to connect to your device all the time without needing to take it out of your pocket is a huge blessing. People can now move around a lot more freely than they ever did before.

All this is thanks to the amazing technology that is the TWS earbuds. Even though it is a relatively new product type, there has been an incredible level of development in its potential. With pretty much all the top brands offering some sorts of TWS earbuds options, everyone is starting to use one.

However, while it is all great being able to use this incredible technology every day, it seems that people are still not completely getting the hang of it. It is observed that people do not usually tend to hold on to a single pair of TWS earbuds for too long. One might think that it has something to do with the product design, but the fact is, we are the real culprits!It is important to respect the way any manufacturer intended for a product to be used. We humans do not usually tend to do that and insist on learning from failures and losses.

However, there comes a time when enough people want to avoid those mistakes and simply use the product properly. If you are reading this, you are probably from that crowd as well. We will be sharing 3 key tips that will let you extend the life of your TWS earbuds exponentially!Keep reading to find out more.

Mistake 1: Disregarding the case and charging

One of the most important things, when you are buying a pair of TWS earbuds, is their case. No, we are not talking about the UPS box or even the packaging of the earbuds but the box that the earbuds are housed in. This unassuming thing may look like a useless accessory to a lot of people, but it is not. You might be surprised to hear that, but you will be even more surprised when you see how many people ignore the case that the earbuds come in.

This case is literally the lifeline of your earbuds and losing it means you will eventually lose the earbuds as well. And even if you do not, your earbuds will eventually stop working anyway. Knowing the two main functions of the case that the earbuds are found in will help you better understand their function as well.

The Case

Ask any manufacturer and they will highlight the importance of the case, even if it is for a self-sufficient product like wired headphones. That is the kind of product that you do not expect to keep in a box unless you are traveling. However, it is not entirely necessary to do that even in traveling for some cases. Regardless of that, manufacturers still ask you to keep the headphones packed to make them live longer.

For TWS earbuds, the story is entirely different as this is a product that is highly reliant on the case. The case is not simply a way to avoid getting dust in your earbuds. It is the only thing keeping your TWS earbuds from getting lost with no hopes of being found. The case has dedicated slots designed to keep both sides of the earbuds secure. It would be quite foolish to think that you can manage to keep two tiny earbuds that are the size of a cereal chip from getting lost. It is therefore quite perplexing to see people put the earbuds out in the open when not in use instead of putting them back in the case.


This is something highly relevant to the previous point as earbuds rely solely on the case to get charged. Losing the case means you are also losing all hope of ever being able to charge your earbuds again. It is quite surprising to see so many people forget that fact and end up losing their case. So far, no manufacturer is offering direct charging for their earbuds and that is for good reason too. The case provides a much more versatile and secure usage case than loose earbuds ever could.

Three Mistakes in Using TWS Earbuds 1 1

Not only does the case provide a secure way of charging your earbuds, but it also contains a larger extra battery that you can utilize when on the go. Instead of having to plug in your earbuds every single time, you can easily charge them while they sit in your pocket and continue using them for up to a week.

For people who are interested in using TWS earbuds for dancing, the case is just as important as the earbuds themselves and losing it would put a bad vibe on your mood.

Mistake 2: Not Adhering to the IP Ratings

One of the biggest factors to consider when buying any pair of TWS earbuds is the IP rating that it comes with. This is going to determine the usability of your TWS earbuds so keeping that in mind when using them is crucial. Here are a few things that will help you better understand why we say that.

What is IP rating? When it comes to earbuds, the most common usage scenario is workouts or outdoor applications. People may use TWS earbuds in all sorts of settings, right from the very basic indoor usage to extreme conditions like rain, construction sites, etc. To deal with each type of scenario, companies make products that can adhere to different environments. The simple formula is that the higher the level of protection, the more expensive it will be.

However, IP ratings that are sufficient for most common dirt and water/sweat scenarios are quite affordable nowadays. Make sure that you buy something that is at least protects itself from rainwater, sweating, and normal levels of dust.

For most of the TWS earbuds that are currently in the market today, the IP rating is sufficient to make them suitable for use even in showers, let alone dealing with things like sweat and occasional water sprays. Companies are now trying to target the swimmer market as well by introducing TWS earbuds that are completely waterproof.

While IP rating pretty much defines the way a pair of TWS earbuds are to be used, a lot of people tend to ignore that. The result is something that they often get upset with and blame the product for it instead of themselves. If your earbuds are not capable of taking on the beating, they will have water or sweat seep in through the seams of the earbuds. This will eventually reach the driver and affect its ability to produce accurate and loud enough sound. You might not even realize your mistake until after you are too late and end up destroying your earbuds as well.

Make sure that you consider the worst-case scenario in your usage before deciding which TWS earbuds you will be buying. Although if you find the whole IP rating system to be too confusing, we suggest going for something that is at least waterproof up to 1 sq.  meter for 30 minutes and resistant to dust as well. A safe bet here would be to opt for a product that is providing an IP5 to  IP68 rating, if not higher.

Mistake 3: Buying Cheap Earbuds

When buying TWS earbuds, a lot of people think that they can get the full experience by buying something cheap. This strategy to stay on the safe side may feel quite appealing, it is the opposite of safe.

Cheap earbuds, thanks to copying mechanism sweeping over, which are quite common and a lot of people opt for those instead of real high-quality products. The result of doing so becomes apparent a lot sooner than you think. These products end to break in one way or another and simply stop working. My own experience showed me this when a pair of good quality knockoffs that I had eventually got one of the charging pads on the earbuds stuck and rusted.

You might be thinking that you are saving money by buying a cheap pair of TWS earbuds, but the truth is quite different. Instead of investing in a good product that would last you at least a couple of years, you end up buying something that has an inferior quality and only lasts a couple of months. This way, the actual cost you pay ends up exceeding the cost of a good quality TWS earbuds as well.


It is quite easy to see why using good quality TWS earbuds is important. And even when you buy them, taking good care of them is extremely important. You do not want to lose a pair of earbuds that costs a couple of hundred bucks because the fact is, that money isn’t exactly a small amount so you should make it worth the effort you put into earning it.