In today’s world of hustle and bustle, noise pollution everywhere, cars honking, people shouting, the constant clicking and clocking of our clocks, a person rarely finds peace in what they’re doing. Wearing a hands-free, headphones or holding a mobile phone to your ear and paying attention is just too difficult due to the surrounding noise and audible distractions.

To deal with this outside noise and ensuring noiseless calm focused audio experiences, noise cancellation technology was introduced. In this article, we’re going to talk about cVc noise cancellation technology and how it differs from other technologies along with the multitude of features of this technology as well as different devices that use this technology for our ease.

What Is cVc Noise Cancellation Technology?

cVc which is the abbreviation of clear voice capture, is a noise cancellation technology responsible for reducing unwanted noise and providing audio enhancements and focus along with audio packet loss and bit error concealment. It is one of the most recent and advanced noise cancellation technologies and is widely being used in audio devices all over the world.

cVc8.0 Noise Cancellation

The latest version of the cVc noise cancellation technology which offers even more audio control and better sound quality is the cVc8.0 noise reduction technology. This technology is basically a series of programs that sends and receives audio packets, projecting them into the device so the user can hear or discard them depending upon whether they’re useful audio or noise.

How Does The cVc8.0 Work?

cVc8.0 technology is designed to provide you and the receiver with the best noiseless audio experience ever. Every single call will be completely isolated and the ambient noise will be discarded as soon as it gets picked up by the software integrated into the microphone. The working of this technology is quite exceptional. It can ignore the ambient noise of up to 30 decibels. This means that during any call or such, any noisy sound or distorted audio that tries reaching the mic will be stopped and ignored and your voice will be focused in such a way that only your voice reaches the other end of the conversation.

Although this technology does not completely mute sounds of higher frequency like someone shouting next to you or a loudspeaker, but still it will make sure these sounds do not overpower your voice and make the conversation bad. It will make sure your voice is given top priority and that any other sound is reduced to such a minus extent that it does not cause any communication problems in an audio conversation.

  • cVc8.0 Features – There are many amazing features in cVc 8.0 noise reduction technology that helps it in reducing unnecessary audio from noisy sources. Here are some of the great features that technology possesses.
  • Adaptive Equalizer – The adaptive equalizer algorithm is responsible for filtering the voices as well as equalizing the audio before it reaches the receiving end. This way the output audio is completely noiseless before it reaches the far end.
  • Automatic Gain Control – This feature is responsible for controlling the gain of the input signals. How this feature works is that audio packets that require excessive gain will be provided the gain, stronger signals will get reduced to a normal gain setting before they reach the output device. This way noise gets weakened and the relevant voice gets increased gain before reaching the receiving device.
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  • Comfort Noise – With the help of this feature, any uncomfortable noise that tries making its way into the listener’s receiver is discarded and the only noise that doesn’t ruin the audio experience is allowed through, so that the speaker’s voice remains at the forefront.
  • Nonlinear Processing – This simply means that the cVc8.0 allows nonlinear processing. The working of this feature is such that the resultant output of the received input is non-linear and the traces of any residual echo in the sending signal are removed before outputting the signal.
  • Frequency Enhanced Speech Intelligibility – The feature which is responsible for providing the vocal priority to the speaker is known as the frequency enhanced speech intelligibility. It can distinguish between different frequencies in order to know which is just noise and which is active voice in the conversation.

What Are The Differences Between cVc & ANC?

ANC also known as Active noise cancellation is a technology that is responsible for providing the listener a better audio experience by canceling the noise around the listener when they’re listening to music or talking on call or doing any such audio activity.


There are a few major differences between both these technologies as we’re going to mention them for your informational needs.

  • Purpose of Technology

The basic purpose of both technologies is extremely different from each other. The whole idea of both the technologies and the premise for their invention is completely different as well. cVc is designed for providing the listener, on the other end of the conversation with a noiseless experience whereas ANC is designed to provide you, on this end, a better audio experience. That is why ANC and cVc differ to such an extent from each other.

  • Reduction Capability

cVc is able to actively cancel out about 30 decibels of ambient noise audio. However, when it comes to ANC, it is usually only capable of removing noise of around 20 decibels and therefore, cVc is a more effective noise cancellation medium.

  • Platform Differences

ANC is a hardware solution that is pre-installed in devices such as headphones and so on. It cannot be manually installed by users depending upon their needs. Whereas cVc is software-based and it is responsible for controlling the noise around the speaker before outputting the signals into the listener’s device.

What Are The Differences Between cVc 8.0 And cVc 6.0?

Obviously, other than the fact that cVc8.0 is a more recent noise cancellation tech, it has other differences than cVc6.0 as well. Let us examine some of these differences.

  • Algorithms

The algorithms and programs used in cVc8.0 are much more advanced and offer many excessive features in comparison to the algorithms of cVc6.0. Therefore, in this regard, they differ and cVc8.0 comes out on top.

  • Signal Clarity

The noise cancellation capabilities of cVc6.0 are good but in comparison to cVc8.0 the voice clarity and the clarity of the signals reaching the output device are lower before the older technological differences.

  • Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility, both devices are compatible with recent versions of headsets and devices. However, the latest version of devices seldom offers cVc6.0 services, instead they use cVc8.0 for better audio sending experience. Whereas older devices don’t offer this technological compatibility making them obsolete in today’s world of technological advancements.

Why You Need cVc8.0 Audio Products?

There are many different reasons for which you would require a device with the latest noise cancellation technology. One simple reason is that is no better technology available for reducing unnecessary sounds and maintaining the integrity of the audio communication services. Other than this, from making clear calls to experiencing distortion-free audio, here are these reasons.

  • Important Office Calls

Calls which are professionally important to you would require extreme attention and clarity. Therefore, it is obvious that you would require a device with noise cancellation capabilities so that any noise in your surrounding does not stop you from being able to deliver instructions or give a report or attend a conference call or video meeting. So, getting headsets and earbuds with cVc8.0 is very necessary for your office ease.

  • Attending Video Conferences

Imagine you being in an online meeting with your friends or family or even your class and your mic sending nothing but noisy sounds and your audio is not focused at all. For this purpose as well, you would require a good noise cancellation technology. There is nothing better than cVc8.0 for such a purpose. Using this you’d be able to easily work from home and avoid any embarrassment when it comes to communicating.

Why Use TWS Earbuds?

TWS earbuds or true wireless stereo earbuds are amazing for a lot of reasons. A few of these reasons are that they’re stereo earbuds which offer incredible sound quality and the other reason is that they have built-in microphones for user’s ease. These microphones have cVc8.0 technology and offer completely noiseless audio experiences and make sure that none of the noise and audible discomfort reaches your listener. With the help of frequency intelligibility, your voice is the only audio that reaches the listener ensuring an amazing conversation where no excessive noise is passed through the output signals.


These factors and comparisons provide insight which shows that the cVc8.0 noise cancellation technology has no competitor and is definitely the best noise cancellation technology in today’s market. There is a wide variety of headphones and earbuds that provide cVc8.0 compatibility and therefore you should definitely go for one that has this feature. If you take our advice and make the right decision, you’ll be able to converse with all of your important clientele and even family and friends without any of the background noise making its way into their receivers, ensuring that the conversations remain productive and the communication is amazing.