QCC3020 Fusion2 is breathable to wear yet super durable while featuring outstanding sound quality and noise cancellation that will impress every audio fancier like you.

Bass Up in Real-time

If you are a fan of bass earbuds and bassy signature, you should look for Fusion2. It is versatile enough for most genres. Deep bass is boosted with APTX and a particular graphene speaker lectotype delivers lossless transmission.

Fusion 2 is a decent pair of truly wireless earbuds that are a good upgrade over Fusion, offering deep, well-balanced, and a kick of punchy bass that shouldn’t sound muddy or boomy.Fusion2 is emphasized in the low-bass range which will give a bit of thump for fans of Hip-hop, dubstep, or EDM, causing the music to sound energetic and intoxicating.

Capture Every Detail

Compared with PET, graphene as the current choice for speaker diaphragm present a more remarkable and tough performance. Advanced Graphene Technology applied in Fusion series can promise you a wonderful hi-fi listening experience.

They also isolate a decent amount of background chatter thanks to cVc Active Noise Cancellation, giving you a peaceful daily commute. You can enjoy glitch-free audio even in the most bothersome radiofrequency environments like airports or busy malls, and stream your favorite TV show on the go with every move of in-sync audio, never miss a beat while gaming – zero audio/video delay ensures a fully immersive experience.

Stable Connectivity

Cystereo Fusion offers truly wire-free listening experience with robust connectivity boosted by Bluetooth 5.0, creating an unbreakable connection between your device and Fusion2 wireless earbuds for skip-free audio even in busy spaces.

The latest Qualcomm chipset QCC3020 allows the left and right independent connection with a True Wireless Stereo Plus ready device. The brand-new Qualcomm TWS technology makes Fusion 2 compatible with different smartphone models and stabilizes the wireless connection for better audio sync.

Feel With Fusion2

Amazing Long-hour Playtime

The tech of independent connection and balanced power distribution between two earbuds is another edge of Fusion series, offering a great price-to-performance ratio among most of TWS earbuds.10 minutes of quick charge give you 2-hour-long playtime, their battery lasts 8 hours off a single charge, and their case provides another 30 hours of playback with the case, which is great for a long trip.

Enjoyable Wearing

The color options of Fusion2 include white, black, pink, and light blue. The charging case is in a square shape with a blunt and polish edge, the metallic superior case lid feels glossy.Fusion2 is upgraded with earfins, and the eartips of Fusion2 is designed ergonomically to fit in your earlobes, and extra eartips of different sizes are attached for further replacement. Which ensures you a worry-free stroll in the rain or a hardcore workout with the wireless earbuds staying solid in your ears. The in-ear design is quite stable. Rated IPX7 makes Fusion2 a good choice for wearing to the gym.

Fusion2 is decently comfortable for in-ears and has a good stable fit that makes them good for sports.

Excellent quality

Of course,there are options out there from well-known brands of $200+ that may be better. But given the quality of Fusion2, the extended warranty, lifetime service, and VIP bonus offered by Cystereo, it is worth getting two pairs of Fusion2 for the same price as some of the other options out there! I recommend it for your own use or as a nice gift.