Dancing is one of the purest joys of life and being able to enjoy it anywhere is the ultimate dream. That being said, you cannot expect to have a large boombox with you anywhere you go, especially if you want to avoid getting weird looks. That means you must find a way to listen to your music quietly and that is exactly why earphones were created.

The freedom of listening and moving to your music without anyone knowing about it. That is what the oldest handheld cassette players, CD players, and modern-day iPods were all designed to do. However, wires come with a restriction that you simply do not want to deal with as a dancer. That is why technology has been evolving every day to provide us with better solutions. A notable change came when Bluetooth connectivity revolutionized the audio industry.

Speaking of better solutions and revolutions, the biggest one that we have seen so far is TWS earbuds. Even though the original Bluetooth earbud design removed the wire connecting to your audio player or phone, it still had a wire of its own to worry about. Constantly getting slapped with it in some way was simply not ideal. TWS finally managed to change the whole industry for good by completely removing the wires. After all, TWS does stand for “totally wireless stereo”.

Fusion 2 TWS Earbuds

In my journey towards finding the perfect solution for music on the move, I came across Fusion 2 TWS earbuds. Using this product immediately made me feel that my life was about to take a turn for the better. Being a raver, I really needed something that could hold not only a strong connection but also a sturdy fit to face the snappy movements involved in EDM. A lot of people might think that I was setting the bar a bit too high, but in my opinion, it was simply what I needed. The fact is, good quality earbuds are not cheap at all.

So, if you are planning on spending a good amount of money on earbuds, at least make them worth your while and money. That is exactly the kind of response I got when I started using these earbuds, and there is sufficient proof to back my experience as well. Here are a few key reasons why I got hooked to these earbuds.

  • Highly portable: When packing my bag for a trip or even a visit to the gym, I want to carry as little things as possible. Fusion 2’s extremely small form factor fulfills that role completely and with a lot of ease. The rechargeable box battery also eliminates the need to carry wires.
  • Battery Life: One of the key requirements that I felt I needed was higher than normal battery life. Being an EDM fan means I can often end up listening to music for hours without even realizing it. Being able to take that brutal use and still being charged for the next dance session is priceless to me.
  • Comfortable fit: One of the most important things that any dancer needs to look for in a pair of wireless earbuds is comfort. The product you choose should not only fit your ears snugly but also do so without hurting your ears. Fusion 2 wireless earbuds come with a well-thought design that comes with multiple sizes of caps to adapt to your ears. The result is a tightly fit product that stays on even when I am moving around vigorously.  
  • Audio Quality: Of course, none of the above would stand for anything if the music I was listening to is not clear. The crispness of audio and general clarity of tones without distortion is something that a lot of earbuds can fail to produce, especially on high volumes. Of course, doing so is not a good idea at all and I highly recommend against doing that. Fusion 2’s high-quality construction and the use of Qualcomm QCC3020 chip make sure you keep on hearing the best quality sound, even at full blast. The connectivity is flawless, and you get the full sound quality delivered to your ears even in the absence of wires.

My Dance Routine with Fusion 2

Why I Choose the Fusion 2 Earbuds When Dancing 2

A product may look great on paper, but you do not know it real perks and quirks until you take it out in the real world. A lot of TWS earbuds have come and gone through my hands over the last couple of years and a lot of them have fallen short of expectations. Quite a few of them have been from well-known brands, both in the tech and music world.

When I first heard about Fusion 2 earbuds, I was my usual skeptical self and wanted to dismiss it completely. However, what caught my eyes was the fact that they were trying to capture the interest of the EDM crowd, something that I hold quite dear to myself. Therefore, my curiosity got the best of me and that is how I ended up upgrading my music experience.

Fusion 2 earbuds are a great option as a daily driver for any dancer. Their robustness, along with great features and ease of use make them the perfect companion for you. Ask any dancer and the first thing that they will ask for is a product that they do not have to mess around with. That feeling of intuition that you want to use the product with flawless accuracy is what sold Fusion 2 TWS earbuds for me. However, it is still not the feature that I liked the most in these earbuds.

One of the best things about Fusion 2 TWS earbuds is their Active noise cancelation. Anyone who is not familiar with the world of dancing might think of it as something haphazard. However, we people who are involved with it daily know quite well that the truth is completely opposite of that. The rhythm and precision that you need in dancing to some New school EDM is astounding.

That level of focus requires absolute silence from the outside world and Fusion 2 earbuds truly deliver in that area. The noise cancelation on these earbuds is simply phenomenal. You can easily transport yourself to a whole new dimension because once the beats start thumping in your ears, the world around you simply cease to exist. In that moment of freedom, I find the focus that I need to go through each of my practice sessions.

My Playlists and Fusion 2’s Delivery

Being a music enthusiast naturally means you are listening to a lot of different types of music. There are a lot of people who limit themselves to a single type of music and in my opinion that is a very sad thing to do. Depriving yourself of a whole world of talent that can inspire you simply because you do not want to “deviate from your path” is a very ridiculous thing for anyone to say. If you are doing that as well, I highly recommend that you have a little faith and dive into some other categories just for fun. You will most probably end up getting a lot more than you can imagine.

As for me, I try to listen to as many different types of music as I can. I am not the kind of person who thinks of a certain genre as being a “better option” than the others. I try to find inspiration in every possible genre that I can. Of course, that does not mean I cannot have favorites because I do. Apart from the obvious EDM collection that I have, a lot of my playlist items come from Reggae, dubstep, Trap, Rock. While it would be extremely difficult to put a finger on why I choose those particular genres, you could say that there is something upbeat about those categories that makes me want to move with the tune!

Doing so with complete freedom and zero loss of sound requires a reliable companion, Fusion 2 wireless earbuds really deliver in that regard. A lot of these music types require different types of music equipment to enjoy them fully. I would love to have a large amplifier and bass tube lying around with me all the time but that is not possible. Perhaps, the tech or music industry could also bring in some innovation in the future that could miniaturize those types of hardware and let us create an immersive surround sound experience anywhere. Of course, doing so is not a good idea at all and I highly recommend against doing that. Until that happens, I would be more than happy to rely on Fusion 2’s ability to create 3D sound. What I am getting so far is more than enough for the money.

Hearing is Believing

I could sit here and tell you all I want about the benefits of Fusion 2 TWS earbuds, but you will not know what I am talking about until you experience it yourself. Therefore, I highly recommend that you invest in your pair and join me for an amazing EDM experience.