Fusion Made for You

If you are buying Bluetooth True Wireless earbuds for the first time, Cystereo Fusion would be one of the most attractive options. After all, browsing the specs sheet doesn’t make things any easier, searching the earbuds specs may make it hard to spot the proper ones. Let’s free ourselves of the jargon to shed more light on Fusion.

Fusion is a great pair of true-wireless Earbuds, it’s pretty hard to beat at price for only$49, comparable to many more expensive options. If you’re looking for earbuds that deliver a thick bass punch, Fusion will meet your need and do a stellar job in delivering powerful bass, attaining good sound pressure without consuming much power.

Fuel Your Life

Their battery life is quite impressive at over 26 hours of continuous playback, which is one of the highest we’ve measured for wireless headbuds like these. Fusion provides up to 6 hours of playtime from a single charge for you to enjoy your favorite playlist to the fullest. Quick wireless charging with the case for just 10 minutes can cheer you up for 2 hours of listening when you are on the move.you can charge them without relying on external power banks or other power sources because they come with a charging case.

Groovin’ With The Fusion

The custom graphene speaker drivers offer decent enough tonal balance. The highs, mids, and lows are suitably separated and offer enough detail for casual listening. Incredible sound powered by graphene drivers delivers music with a wider sound stage and exceptional accuracy and clarity. Bass-Up technology enhances bass with CD-like music audio quality.

The sound quality is really great for such a small pair of earbuds. Cystereo Fusion offers truly wire-free listening experience with seamless connectivity boosted by Bluetooth 5.0. Once you connected Fusion successfully with your device for the first time, as you take out the earbuds from the case, they are automatically paired and connected only in a sec.

Run With Fusion

Stay Tuned Anytime

Furthermore, the Qualcomm cVc8.0 Dual Mic Technology enables independent connectivity during calling even with earbuds switching or single earbud using, and suppresses background noise and echo to ensure stereo hands-free calls with crystal clear voice. Its unique Qualcomm APT-X creates consistent and high-quality audio streaming with no lag during gaming, calling, music, and video playing. An external antenna combines with Bluetooth 5.0 to create an almost unbreakable link between your wireless earbuds and your device-even in busy places.

What You Get

Fusion weighs very light with Micro USB charging port on the backside, LED indicator flashing red and blue on the front opener, the mini-capsule-shape case lid is easy to snap on, and the earbuds magnetically snap into their slots, so the earbuds are pretty secure within the case fitting in your grip or pouch perfectly.

The initial unboxing experience was very easy. After sliding the box open, the charging case sits in a tray inside. The internal packing is made of Matte black plastic, with a charger in recyclable CPE package. Inside the package are 1 charging case,2 earbuds,1 USB-C adapter,3 pairs of tips in three sizes,1 warranty, and 1 manual.

We had some users as gym-goers have done the fit test before launch, it showed that even they did all kinds of movements, and Fusion stayed secure and never fall out after several workouts.

Time will only tell how durable Fusion is, it sustains low-pressure moisture such as sweat, rain, or splashes of water. A pool submersion test probably won’t end well in this case!