As the earliest launching True Wireless Earbuds of Cystereo, Fusion, and Fusion2 are quite in the spotlight, their complete wireless nature not only brings us to a hand-free music journey and also doesn’t interfere with wearing a face mask at such an alarming time against Covid-19. And of course, if you are hesitating to make a purchase decision between them, this article may help a lot. Which of these is the best choice for you? Read through our reviews before you decide.

Qualcomm Tech Boost

Since Fusion and Fusion2 are applied with the advanced Qualcomm3020, the power consumption of Fision and Fusion2 is lower, connectivity stabler, outperforming a great number of rivals.

Sound Quality With APTX

Designed for EDM and Hip-hop fans, both Fusion and Fusion2 have a remarkable bass-up signature. Particular graphene speaker lectotype advanced with APTX also delivers lossless transmission. So they are versatile enough for most genres. While Fusion2 goes better in sound field clarity, offering deep, well-balanced, and a kick of punchy bass that shouldn’t sound muddy or boomy. Fusion2 is emphasized in the low-bass range which will give a bit of thump for fans of Hip-hop, dubstep, or EDM, forming an energetic and intoxicating sound.


Both Fusion and Fusion2 have voice prompts, you will automatically receive information via audio messages. They also have a control panel on earbuds, so you can easily access the volume control or remote without having to interact with a cable or another device it’s connected to. So you can use your voice to control key functions of them and you can easily access them without pushing any button.

Active Noise Cancellation(Noise Control)

Both earbuds are applied with cVc Active Noise Cancellation, isolating bothersome radio frequency environments like roads or busy malls. Fusion2 sits tightly in place, creating an acoustic seal that filters out background noise and prevents your music from leaking out. To level the same effect of Fusion2, Fusion overcomes background noise with a bit of volume crank-up. Yet both are Ideal for morning commutes.


Fusion2 earbuds have louder color options and designed with soft in-ear earfins to fit in your earlobes, Fusion variations are soberer and may appeal to others. The lightness of the frames and softness of the ear tips also make Fusion earbuds convenient for travel, workouts, and even while working out. All sizes of replaceable tips are included in Fusion Series.

Stable Connectivity

The advanced Qualcomm chipset QCC3020 enables the left and right independent connection with a ready device. The brand-new Qualcomm TWS technology makes Fusion series compatible with different smartphone models and stabilizes the wireless connection for in-sync audio, never misses a beat while gaming – zero audio/video delay ensures a fully immersive experience.

Cystereo Fusion and Fusion2 with robust connectivity boosted by the latest Bluetooth 5. 0 tech, create a seamless connection between them and your device for skip-free audio even in busy spaces.


The tech of independent connection and balanced power distribution between two earbuds is another edge of Fusion series, offering a great price-to-performance ratio among most of TWS earbuds – 10 minutes of quick charge gives you 2-hour-long playtime. Fusion2 could last for 30 hours of playback in the case with a rechargeable battery, Fusion for 26 hours, which is great for long trips. To get your earbuds charged, you simply put it down on the charging base.

Water Resistance

Momentum True Wireless Resistance to sweat and dust makes Fusion ideal for use while doing sports, which is rated IPX5 – even keeping from super soaker, and Fusion2 rated IPX6 can resist from powerful water jets.

Final Verdict

Update Fusion VS Fusion2 1

Overall, fashion-forward Fusion series TWS earbuds come in unique colors that will match your taste, style, and preferences. Going on a pure price-performance ratio, Fusion is quite suitable for beginners and younger audience at $49. But if you want to enjoy better sound quality at a budget, Fusion2 is recommended, definitely win a bunch of alternatives at $79.