Earbuds and Music- Best Combination

Imagine you are going back from your work or college and you are looking out from the window of the bus or cab, what can elevate your mood in such a situation? Some music maybe? But wait you are in public transport so you might not want to disturb people around you and the driver so what is the second most desired thing in this situation? If the answer is earphones then you are absolutely right. Whether it is raining cats and dogs outside or it is the peak of summers, you always need and want some chill music to balance out the hot temperature outside and some groovy mellow vibe while looking at the raindrops sliding down your window. In my opinion, the combination of earphones and music is like yin and yang. These two things complement each other like nothing else. I personally believe that people who use earphones for taking calls only do not do justice to this magical tiny instrument. I normally take my earphones everywhere because you never know when you might want to go into your imaginary world with some music in the background. So, in my opinion, the best combination to ever exist is your favorite playlist and your earbuds.

Life Before Earphones

Life before earphones is like life before the internet. Just like how the internet has made our lives so much better and convenient, earphones have played a similar role in our lives. For music geeks like me, earphones are one of the revolutionary inventions of all time. I cannot imagine living in an era where the only medium of listening to music was a radio or television. You cannot possibly take these two things along with you all the time. I think it still was not that bad because people socialized more, laughed more, and shared their worries with each other more.

I never liked wearing those big headphones outside so there was a time when I would not have them with me 24/7 like when I would go out. I remember I started observing my surrounding more. I became more social and that helped me make more friends as well. I still am social but now when I am in public, I prefer just listening to some music and vibe along with it rather than talking to people I do not know. So, I believe it is not the earphone’s fault for making me less social, but rather my personal choice.

Types of Earphones I Have Come Across Till Now

Throughout my life I have struggled in finding the best earphones which were up to my liking. Comfort and audio quality are the two things I care a lot about in my earphones. So far, I have tried various types of earphones like wireless earphones, wired earphones, sports earphones, in-ear earphones and earphones with a microphone. It is important to know that not all earphones come with a microphone. I noticed not many people know about the sports earphones. These are specifically designed for sports which involves a lot of sweating. These earphones are waterproof and sweat proof which makes them distinct. If you are someone who goes to the gym or for running then you should definitely go for these. For someone like me who, is lazy and does not like to move around much, I would suggest the wireless earphone.

I personally prefer them over wired ones because I do not have to untangle them every time I have to use them. My wired earphones usually stop working within few months because the wire gets pulled a lot. This is why I prefer wireless over wired ones even though they are a little pricey if you want the best quality ones but then again it is all worth it if they are satisfying your comfort and giving you amazing sound quality. My second-best pick is the in-ear earphones. These are my go-to earphones for loud places because they have an amazing feature of isolating the background noise. When you listen to music through these earbuds, you do not hear external sounds like bird chirping, or the sound of a car, etc.

The Sleek And Unique Design of Different Earphones

 In the headphone’s industry, earbuds were a game changer. They dominated the large bulky over the head headphones. They broke sale records all over the world due to their small size, small footprints and extreme portability. However, later on more types were designed and introduced which were better than earbuds. The In- ear earphones have a unique design. In-ear earphones consists of a foam like structure which is attached at the tip of each side of the earphones. The size varies from person to person. These are the smallest earphones to ever exist and extremely light weight.

Tedious Work or Journey-My Favorite Hits and Earphones are My Companions

It is a universal fact that dogs are our best companion, but what if I tell you my best companion is my playlist and of course my earphones. I know it might sound odd but when I am tired and do not have the energy to do anything then what motivates me and hypes me up is my playlist. When I am travelling out of station for work or for vacation, I need some Bryan Adams playing in the background and sometimes when I am feeling hyper, I need some of U2 and ACDC rock and roll. Sometimes when I am having a really bad day, I just take my earphones out and listen to some rap and that genuinely helps me so much. In my opinion music not only entertains you but it also heals your soul. Music is used in therapy as well, and I totally agree with people who believe that music is therapeutic. I am sure, I am not the only one with music and earphones as companions.

Earphones I prefer for Myself

As I mentioned earlier as well that my first pick is the wireless earphones because of obvious reasons. Firstly, you do not have to get tangled in the untangling of the wire which saves your time. Secondly, they can be easily placed anywhere may it be your wallet or your jeans pocket. Lastly, unlike the wired earphones they do not stop working within a few months If they are good quality ones. This is just my preference. Some people prefer the wire ones more because they are up to their liking and comfort. In the end, it all comes down to if you are comfortable wearing them and if they are fulfilling the purpose you bought them for.