Keeping yourself active is extremely important if you want to lead a happy and healthy life. It is especially important in the current times when we need all the health we can get. Having your strength at its peak not only makes you an active person but also makes you a happy person. There are endless researches on how incorporating physical activity can boost every aspect of your life. Among all the different types of activities, one of the most popular ones is running. It is a simple yet effective physical routine that keeps all parts of your body fully charged and in good shape. Going for running is something that a lot of people do, not just for health but for several other reasons too. It lets people think with clarity, refreshes their minds, or sometimes even distract their minds from things.

Whatever reason you have for doing it, you must do it the right way. Going for a run fully prepared is extremely important and you need to make sure that you have all the tools you need ready to go. This includes several different things and depending on how and where you are running, they can even vary. However, before we get to those, it is important to have your most important part of gear ready which is your TWS earbuds. Not only listening to music while running a common preference for most people, but researches also show that it can be a great mood booster. That means with the right equipment, you can improve your running stats noticeably! Who would not want to see that happen to their running routine right? Let us look at why TWS earbuds are a great choice for running.

Why TWS earbuds?

It is a simple and straight forward question, but only for the person not wearing them. To those who own a pair of TWS earbuds and the people who make them, this question defines their daily life. The impact that TWS earbuds have had on the music industry is phenomenal. And part of that has to do with people who like to listen to music, especially runners. Having the right set of earbuds can make a huge difference in your running because of several reasons. But before we talk about that, let us see what TWS earbuds are and how do they even work.

Build and Function

TWS earbuds are essentially Bluetooth earbuds but with an additional Bluetooth splitter involved.While conventional Bluetooth earbuds have a wire connecting the two earpieces,TWS earbuds do that via Bluetooth as well.This eliminates the wires altogether and results in a product style that promises complete freedom from wires.Go back only a few years and this whole concept would sound alien to most of the general population.The concept simply seemed to be a complete reinvention of the figurative wheel but within a few years,we were able to reach this point.Now that it is here,every other company is producing a pair of TWS earbuds.

However, with so much noise and competition, one needs to think about the qualities that truly define what high-quality TWS earbuds are. The things that matter the most and should be on your list of preferences when getting TWS earbuds are explained ahead.

Grip and Fitting

When it comes to TWS earbuds,one of the most important aspects that you need to consider is the grip of the earbuds. You will be moving quite rigorously when running so your earbuds need to be able to stay in place. To do that,there are multiple factors to consider. The first one is the design of the earbuds which needs to have the ability to fit snugly into the ear. Earbuds that try to sit deep in the ear canal are usually the best to achieve that effect. Try to find something that has a conical end which goes into your ear canal.

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However,that is only half the story.The true grip comes from the rubber or silicone cap that fits on top of the earpiece. This is a very important part of the whole process as it serves two purposes. Not only does it ensure a snug fit in your ears,but it also channels the sound produced by the earbuds properly for maximum intended volume. To get this part right,we highly recommend that you opt for proper sports TWS earbuds which can provide both these qualities in one package.

IP Rating

For a regular user who intends to use their earbuds carefully and protect them from the elements,anything will do. However,when you want something suitable for running then it is important that you also keep in mind the earbuds’ ability to deal with water and dirt. This is what IP ratings are for so you should keep them in consideration when buying earbuds.

For most people, dirt is not that big of an issue since no one wants to go running in the dirt anyway. However, water, especially the sweat that your body creates can seep into the earbuds if they are not properly sealed. To make sure that your pair of TWS earbuds do not face that problem, we highly recommend a sports model with an IP rating between IP5 to IP7x.These range from basic sweat protection, all the way to being usable in heavy rain.

Battery Life

We are still in the early stages of Bluetooth earphones and we are confident that a lot more interesting stuff is to come. However, having spent decades using a wired solution, it is quite logical to completely forget to charge the earbuds for use. When you eliminate the wires, you need batteries to do the job and they need charging. To make sure that you are never out of juice it is best to choose a pair of TWS earbuds that can last a long time on a single charge. Having good battery life makes sure that you do not get a forced power down right in the middle of a run.

However, this requirement extends beyond the earpieces themselves as you should also look for the case that provides maximum battery. Even the biggest cases for TWS earbuds nowadays are not that big, and given how small the package can get, a little heft can be quite useful to avoid losing your earbuds.

Tech Specs

Given the fact that we are highly reliant on our smartphones to enjoy our music, having good technical specifications is extremely important. Good sound quality no longer cuts it when talking about an active lifestyle. People want to be able to use their earbuds for more than just listening to music. We highly recommend going for something that supports the latest Bluetooth standard with support for low energy mode. In addition to that, things like being able to use voice assistant, multiple functions, and gestures,etc.are all important features. These things extend the usability of TWS earbuds a lot and you should take benefit from it as well.

Another key thing to look for is active noise cancellation (ANC). Running is a feeling like nothing else and it puts you in a zone of focus. Having ANC in your earphones can help you eliminate all the distractions around you and focus on your run. This is especially useful if you are working out in a public area like a gym.

Independent Connection

Even though this feature is becoming more and more common, a lot of manufacturers still do not offer it in their TWS earbuds. This feature allows you to use either one of the earbuds independently instead of having to wear both at the same time. It is one of the best uses of TWS technology and having it can completely change your life. Being able to take calls while being fully aware of the environment is a highly sought-after usage scenario that this feature provides. Make sure that your pair of TWS earbuds also has it.

Be Fully Prepared

With the perfect pair of TWS earbuds in your possession, you are prepared for a good run for the most part. However, make sure to create a list of everything else that you need as well. Having an optimized routine can help with making the most out of your run every time.

One of the most important things to do is to stretch your limbs before you start your run. Not doing so has shown a lot of negative impacts on people who run regularly. Flexible limbs can take on the grunt of running a lot better and you do not want to tear your muscles too much from stiffness.

Keeping yourself hydrated is also especially important while on the track.Running naturally leads to a lot of sweating and like any hardware that is getting used to its limits,keeping things cool and moist is important.Water does that job for your body so make sure to have your bottle with you on every run.

With all that in mind and a set of high-quality earbuds in your ears,you are all set for your run!