Most people feel comfortable using wireless headphones. As, these wireless earbuds have many advantages. Here is a complete guide about wireless headphones.

What are Wireless Earbuds and How They Work?

It is an audio system that connects you with your required device without the use of a cable or wire. Your required device can be your PC, smartphone/iPhone, stereo speaker, television or any other gaming device. It receives audios through signals transmission. These signals can be infrared or radio. Although, many wireless earbuds operate on Bluetooth technology. Hence, they can be connected easily. But have a short-range of signal and data transmission. As, Bluetooth works on radio transmission for the transfer data.

Therefore, wireless headphones operating on Bluetooth technology use a small chip. This chip inside permits connectivity between devices. Your earbuds receive signals through Bluetooth like any other system. Thus, giving you a wireless and best quality audio system. These earbuds also make your hearing easy and comfortable. You can have them wherever you want.

Once you learn about how to use these, it becomes easy to operate them. You can connect them with any of your device without the hassle of wires. These will help you to make a separate world of listening. You can watch TV sitting in TV launch without disturbing anyone. These can be taken anywhere either at the gym or a walk.

Now, let’s move to our main concern!

How to Use Wireless Headphones 6
How to Use Wireless Headphones 6

How to Charge Wireless Earbuds? 

The step that you need to charge you earbuds through USB cable are given below:

  1. Connect your left earbud with micro port of USB cable
  2. Connect the other port with your PC or any other charging device

But what if you have a charging case? Don’t worry

  • Put your earbuds into charging case (be careful about the charging pins of your earbuds and charging case)
  • Align your earbuds charging pins in charging case and let it charge

The blinking of light will indicate that your charging is in process. It will charge both of your earbuds at the same time. If you have new earbuds then put them in charging case. Let them charge fully before use. Different companies’ earbuds take different time to charge. You can charge your charging case whenever you need. This charging case can also help you to charge your cell phone in the time of the need. Charge your earbuds according to the time requirement of your wireless headphones. If you do not know consult users guide or website.

It is important to highlight that almost all earbuds have received complaints about battery life. The battery life of almost all devices ranges from 3-8 hours with little variation. This can be due to the burden of maintenance of connection between earbuds and your connected device. Although, some companies are trying to find out the solution. Most of the time, they provide you with an extra battery to fill the gap.

How to Connect Wireless Earbuds to Your Iphone and Other Devices?

How to Use Wireless Headphones 1 1
How to Use Wireless Headphones 1 1

Here are the points that can help you to connect your earbuds with any kind of device you have. So, follow the steps to connect your wireless headphones with your device. After your earbuds are fully charged you can move on to connect them.

  1. Turn on your earbuds into pairing mode: You can do it by simply holding the power button or multi-functional button for a few seconds. Hold it for almost 5-10 seconds and the light will start blinking. Or you can look at the user guide to get more about turning your earbuds into pairing mode. If it is not the option try to figure out how to make your earbuds accessible through Bluetooth. (Below is a complete heading how to pair wireless headphones)
  2. Open the start menu of the device you want to connect
  3. Select “Settings” (gear bar) from the start menu
  4. Tap to “Devices” or “Connection” (it varies on the type of device you are connecting)
  5. Chose the option “Bluetooth and other devices”
  6. Turn on your Bluetooth device by pressing the icon
  7. After your earbuds are in the list of accessible devices, chose your earbuds name from the options
  8. Now, you will connect automatically or a password will be required
  9. After successful passcode, it will be connected. (you will get a notification or message that your earbuds are connected with your device)

Through above step, you can connect your earbuds with any device. These will help you to connect your headphones with your computer, smartphone, and other devices. (if you have already connected your earbuds to some device and not connecting to other you can turn of the device and repeat the process)

How to Pair Wireless Headphones?

Still, if you have an issue in pairing your wireless headphones with your device after the above section. You can get more detailed insight about pairing your wireless earbuds through the points given below;

  1. Tap to open the Settings app on your android phone
  2. Click “Connected Devices”
  3. Click to “Pair new device”
  4. Turn on your headphones into pairing mode
  5. Click your earbuds option from the available devices
  6. Click to pair your wireless earbuds with your device

How to Connect Earbuds With iPhone?

It is easy to connect your earbuds with you iPhone. Just follow the given steps.

  1. Fully charge your earbuds in charge case before connecting
  2. After charging, Open “Settings”
  3. Click “General” and select “Bluetooth”
  4. Tap the icon to turn on your Bluetooth
  5. Your iPhone will detect the device
  6. Turn your earbuds into paring mode
  7. Enter the passkey (0000) and it will be connected

If it is required and if it is not, continue to the next step.

How to Connect Wireless Headphones With Television?

  1. Plugin base after your earbuds are fully charged
  2. Open “Settings” of your Tv
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth
  4. Click on the earbuds and allow them to connect

Be careful about the distance between TV and headphones.

How to Wear Wireless Earbuds?

How to Use Wireless Headphones 5

Wireless headphones have certain advantages over traditional headphones. These help to get rid of vexing wires around your neck. These are easy to connect once you learn about it. Quality of voice is also better with these. So, if you have a pair of earbuds. And want to enjoy its benefits, you can. But first, learn how to wear them properly?

Step1-Find a perfect pair of wireless earbuds that fit your ears. These earbuds come in various ear canals shapes and sizes. Just check different brands and styles to get one. The one perfect according to your ear sizes and comfort.

Step2-Properly put the earbuds into ear canal snugly. You can do it by placing them through to and forth twists. As, it is important to keep your earbuds near to eardrum for efficient audio transfer.

Step3-Adjust your earlobes with index finger to fit earbuds at a proper place. As earlobes will enlarge your ear canal and earbuds will fit rightly.

Step4-If your headphones are not fitting, try to clean your ear wax.As this affects the size and shape of the ear canal. So, you can find a problem in fitting your earbuds properly.

Step5-Avoid moving your jaws. Using jaws while wearing wireless headphones can affect the ear canal. Thus, the continuous movement will lose headphones and they can fall down. If it is difficult for you to avoid using your jaws. Then try to move them stationary. It will not affect your earbuds as other movements will. So, this guide will help you to put your headphones properly in the ears. Which can increase the sound quality? This will protect ambient sound to enter your ears if they are placed correctly.  These will also help you in the effective and efficient use of your earbuds.


Removal of the headphone jack from the iPhone panicked many people. As they became suspicious about their private listening. Thus, the invention of wireless headphones consoled them and they became happy. As they can now enjoy their private listening in a more comfortable way. These comforted them as they can easily pair them. Bluetooth can detect these earbuds and connect them. These earbuds helped to get rid of irritating wires. There is no more need to plug in and plug out your headphones.

The above points are tackling all the major steps of using wireless earbuds. These will help you to use your earbuds in an efficient and effective way. It is not only a complete guide to how you can charge, pair, and connect them? But also, how you can use them with your various devices?